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WebHuddle: Uniquely Simple

Starting and running meetings in WebHuddle is so easy that mastering it takes only a few minutes. Joining meetings is even easier.

WebHuddle’s meeting scheduling function is so simple... it doesn’t exist! Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, WebHuddle leaves scheduling to scheduling software. In other words, schedule a WebHuddle meeting the same way you schedule lunch or any other face-to-face meeting. WebHuddle is your personal meeting room, and to start a meeting you need only go there and have people to join you.

To open your meeting room, sign in to WebHuddle and click the Begin button. All you have to do is give the meeting a name and choose options such as voice-over-IP or whether or not to record the meeting, and the meeting starts. You will receive an email that contains a link for joining the meeting -- forward it to anyone you want to invite to your meeting. People join by simply clicking the link and entering their name. Or you can tell them to click the Join Meeting link. and clicking the Join Meeting button. To enter your meeting they simply enter their email, your email, and the meeting password. That’s it!

Once in the meeting, you will notice the very simple user interface. The WebHuddle client has no menus, no right-clicking, and no pop-up windows. A single, resizeable window displays all content. The tool area can be hidden completely, allowing users to see more of the content area.

The moderator may pass full control of the meeting to any other participant at any time. You don’t need to specify ahead of time who will be "co-moderators." You don’t need to have anyone install a special WebHuddle "host" plugin or client. There is no special moderator client or participant client but only the same, single WebHuddle client and user interface for everyone in the meeting.

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